lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Correo a las Naciones Unidas solucitando la presencia de fuerzas de paz en el Reino de España

Dear decolonization unit, I am Fernando Santamaria Lozano, leader of a legal political party called UDNG (Union for a Galician National Democracy). I've been analysing the trial of the "Prestige" case and others since the nineties in Spain and have reached the conclusion there's no judicial system in the State and and in the country where I live, Galicia, in the Norwest corner of Spain, problems are so serious that there's no shadow of democracy i any sense. Regional elections will have place here in March 1th and the electoral body that will manage them are the Spanish judges that have judged the Prestige case. I've tried to present to the "Audiencia Nacional" a report for detaining this electoral jest, but haven't been able (in Madrid, where I travelled with that sole purpose), I couldn't persuade any lawyer lawyers to give an official form to this query.. Communication by phone are impossible. I can't get my views expressed in the press, neither the Pais, nor the local newspapers. Only the wikipedia, where my analisys still appears sub voce Prestige, my blogs and some other internet media (Indymedia Euskalherria, Znet ...) give some diffussion to my views.

The last thing I've discovered is that the "eolical energy" my region is supposed to lead is a fraud, 'cause there isn't any conection between the pretended "eolic generators" and any "electrical central" or anything that could transport, might be transform and in any case distribute the wind-energy produced... 

My English is awful ... but, as most of the Galician Independentists, I think our region has been invaded by an hostile country which rules elections and has suppressed industry, medicine, education and law. Law (and elections) are certainly perverted in Spain, and education, medicine, law and territorial order are here. 

I'd like to enter in some kind of dialogue with your organization in order these views could be evaluated and pondered and a solution could be found, might be by means of peace forces who could grant the principles of a democratic state and true elections.

Some of the main points can be found in , written in a variant of Galician language and that I can't at the present translate ..., Becasuse I 'm alone and as usual under dictatorships ... inter-personal relations are broken.

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